Fun online variety for your little one’s day…

As the primary educator, you know what’s best for your little one. We often use some of these resources throughout school, sometimes the whole lesson and sometimes only a small part that supports what we are trying to explore. We often allow the kids’ interests to guide our selections, as we intentionally explore a current interest more in-depth. We hope these are helpful:

Amazing site powered by Common Sense Media
Live events here:

Mark Rober’s fun “Glow Germ” experiment at a school with kids with black light…shows how germs spread and if you continue through after that experiment around minute 4 there is another experiment about how well they’ve washed hands. He has other experiments that are appropriate for young viewers. Children can process what they see and hear in unexpected ways, so we encourage you to watch them first so you can be prepared to answer questions and always watch with them to address concerns and help them understand.

The teaching tribe for teachers
PreK Pages
Learning without Tears Distance Learning Support

Zoo Phonics
Zoo Phonics a-z Sound & Signal Practice
Zoo Phonics Video Instructionals
Reading Rainbow stories (usually we only play the book reading, but the rest is often fun at home)

ScienceStart Sample Lesson Plans (the process here can be applied to many experiments)
Scholastic Classroom Magazines
Atlantic White Shark Storytime
Preschool Art Lessons (look for the activities after the story, they love the matching game)

Other resources that might help…

Talking to children about Coronavirus, Remember that children will react to both what you say and how you say it. They will pick up cues from the conversations you have with them and with others.

PreK Pages, many, many lesson plans and activities! Starting with one about a Calming Corner where your little one can process big feelings. A step towards Self Regulation. This is something we work on consistently in school, every time we get a chance. She is also going Live on Facebook every weekday at 3 PM Central/4 PM Eastern with my Preschool at Home Sing-A-Long Series.

Commonsense Media, Parenting, Media, and Everything In Between…

Need to move around? Here is a 4-week beginner Couch to 5K training plan to help you from ToughMudder

Early Ed. Talks with Dr. Char, Co-Author/President of the Zoo-phonics Mnemonic and Multisensory Language Arts Program, and developer of the Safari Learning Academies

Empowering Parents, For help with what to do when your child is acting out or having a meltdown. Experts offer proven techniques and strategies to get you through these challenging younger years.