Some of our favorite songs to sing in school, we typically sing-along, dance and have fun going slooooow and fast! Have fun with and without the video, as we normally don’t have a video playing.

A variety of activities works best with little ones, which is why each son is listed separately. You can expand to a different activity after relate to the song or something completely different. Your little ones will recognize these songs and you’ll enjoy the fun with them singing and dancing! Enjoy!

One of our favorite songs, we play Animal Action often! Teacher Araceli is very animated…so play along!
This is music only since little ones play sitting on the floor with beanbag. A tied sock w/beans in it will work.
This one is more fun when you can see each other be silly together.
After the song ends, your little one will ask you to do it FASTER!!! Sing it and speed it up over and over!
Finger puppets usually “fall out” of the fingers when we sing this song. Make them
out of paper or an old glove draw silly eyes and a mouth for extra funny effects.
Head & Shoulders in Spanish 🙂 Cabeza & Hombros